Mom, 55, Calls off Surgery After Using Dr.'s Sock Recommendation to Stop Nerve Aches

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John Trussdoe
Since I learned to manage my diabetes and the nerve pain in my feet, I've gotten back to my old self again. Now, I talk to others about their experiences. I work as a personal trainer, but in my spare time, you can find me running around my neighborhood, hiking trails, or writing about health and fitness.

Every day millions of Americans suffer from nerve pain in the foot caused by Diabetic Neuropathy, leading to inability to walk, exercise, or do the things that the rest of us take for granted. That's why this new product is so revolutionary."
– Dr. Ron Johnson M.D., Podiatrist
If you’re like Janice Levinson, a 61-year-old Missouri mother and emergency room nurse, then you know what it’s like to live and deal with chronic, radiating pain. 

For almost a decade, Janice suffered from debilitating foot, heel and ankle pain. The discomfort took a huge toll on both her work and home life; as well as on her efforts of leading a healthy, active lifestyle. 

A lifetime of working one her feet in the hospital and raising four children ended her up in her local osteopathic physician’s office. Janice asked him how she could possibly get back to moving like her old self:

“I’ve been working on my feet since I graduated from nursing school — more than thirty years ago! But lately the pain is so bad, I can barely get out of bed in the morning.

At first, the physician recommended a slew of medications to manage the pain. However, Janice refused to take them. With the rise in addiction rates and the current drug crisis in America, Janice was scared to rely on an opioid regimen and reluctant to us it as a coping mechanism — and rightfully so!

Frustrated, Janice sought a second opinion from a local podiatrist, who recommended surgery. She wanted to make sure there wasn’t some less-invasive alternative — surgery seemed like such a drastic measure! 

At only 61, Janice wasn’t ready to give up her active lifestyle just yet. She started looking for a solution more seriously and decided it was finally time to make a change...
Her neighbor, Frank, wore these socks himself for months. He was amazed at the transformation he'd experienced. He felt like he had more energy, a clearer mind, and better posture.
The Big Secret
A few days later, Janice was relaying what occurred during her visits to her neighbor, Frank, a retired Army medic. As they caught up in the Levinsons’ front yard, Janice noted that Frank was particularly receptive to her concerns — little did Janice know, however, that Frank had the solution for which she’d been searching, sitting in his garage all along.

“I used to treat these kinds of problems all of the time,” Frank told Janice. He’d consulted countless numbers of servicemen and women, working to treat their ailments. One of the most frequent complaints posed to him by visiting patients was chronic, acute inflammation in the feet. 

“These infantrymen and women would often be expected to carry over 100 pounds on their backs, sometimes for miles at a time,” Frank continued. “The most common treatment modalities targeted lower-body pain in the feet, knees, ankles, legs and hips.” 

“But just like you were telling me before, we wanted to avoid prescribing pain medications to our soldiers, at all costs — not only to prevent addiction, but also to keep them alert and safe while on patrol.”

“That’s why I started prescribing a natural, pain-free alternative to the soldiers that would visit me. One product I had a lot of success with is called Relief Socks. These socks use advancements in compression technology to gently cradle and support the foot, to provide lasting pain relief.”

Frank gave Janice a pair he had in storage and told her where she could find these socks online. So, Janice started doing some independent research. Reading the thousands of reviews from real, satisfied users with similar ailments truly astounded her! 
The secret to these amazing socks is the amount of compression, which targets key points in the foot. They help to improve blood flow in underlying tissue and relieve everyday stress. New advancements in compression technology help to gently cradle and support the foot, while providing lasting pain relief.
After ordering a pair for herself, Janice was totally convinced! She couldn’t believe how simply and effectively they worked. In her words, they were a “serious life-changer.” 

Millions of people with complaints of similar, chronic lower-body pain have turned to using this unique compression technology — and the results speak for themselves. Relief Socks have thousands of 5-star reviews!

"I did not think these special socks could make such a difference. But I was blown away by the results! I tested out Relief Socks myself and felt the difference the moment I put them on. These socks are truly amazing!"

- Ralph Martinez, Age 47  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"It's so true how just one decision can drastically change your life. Just a few clicks, and I found the solution to my chronic pain.  

This was the catalyst for me. If you're ready to start moving again and live pain-free, check these out!"

- Briana Smith, Age 50  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"My colleagues and I created this technology to help thousands of individuals suffering from chronic lower body pain. For me, it was important to realize the importance of simply being able to walk without pain."

- Dr. Carol Paradine M.D.  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This incredible solution, Relief Socks, has helped millions of people. Read more to learn more and receive special offers!
Story Update : Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Janice Tested The Relief Socks For Herself - Here Is What She Found...
– Janice Levinson, mom and fearless Relief Socks test subject...
Here is a step-by-step summary of Janice’s experiences, in her own words, using Relief Socks (and how she achieved her best results):
  • Step 1. Go online and order a pair of Relief Socks (plus, be sure to take advantage of their bundle deals!). My shipment arrived at my front door in just a few days!
  • Step 2. Read through the provided instructional brochure to learn about the Relief Socks best-uses and procedures.
  • Step 3. Implement a nightly routine. I did and it seriously cut down on my pain; I’d come home after work, take off my shoes/socks, wash my feet, and put on my Relief Socks. I experienced the best results wearing them for 1-3 hours a day, usually after work, as my feet and legs would often swell from standing in the hospital all day. 
  • Step 4. Wear your socks around the house, with or without slippers. If your feet are particularly sore (like mine were), take time to relax and prop your feet up on the couch, on top of a pillow. You can also wear them under your shoes when you leave the house.
  • Step 5. Take off your Relief Socks before going to bed (it’s important NOT to sleep while wearing your socks). I often hand-washed them after removing them, before setting them out to dry for best results.
Final Thoughts on Relief Socks...
"The results were incredible. My life has turned around since ordering these. Undeniable!" -  Sherrie Belluton, Oregon.

"Relief Socks are 100% the real deal. Since using these, my Neuropathy, foot pain, and ability to walk has switched completely... I couldn't believe it at first. I'm ordering more of these for all my family and friends! Amazing!"

- Mario F.
After experiencing the benefits firsthand, Janice started feeling better and got back on her feet again, within just a few weeks. Pretty soon, Janice worked up the strength to start running around her neighborhood — for the first time in years!

Relief Socks comes with our highest approval. Janice shared a pair with me. Suffice it to say, this product has been more than a “game-changer”; it’s been a life changer.

Most people just learn to live with sore feet, or a dull pain that prevents them from enjoying their day. However, Relief Socks are designed to relieve foot pain by stretching and realigning your toes. This compression tech is not just for the elderly or athletes. They can help with a myriad of chronic pain issues.

Supply is limited as demand is high for this product! Check here to see if they are still available and if the company is still offering their 50% discount! We both can't recommend Relief Socks enough. We suggest buying at least a few pairs! 

Good luck & happy feet!
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